Inside the studio
1. Choose a piece of blank pottery or craft item
There is a good variety of pottery to choose from, functional, ornamental and decorative items. We also have other crafts available, so simply choose off the shelf.
2. Choose your colours/ decorating medium

We have 24 colours of pottery paints which are water-based and non-toxic. These are specifically for pottery painting and will require kilning afterwards. Items painted with pottery paint will need to stay with us for glazing and firing.

We also have a nice range of acrylic paints, which don’t need to go into the kiln, as well as decoupage papers and foam clay. Items decorated with these can be taken home on the day.

3. Paint/ decorate and create

Pottery Painting

You can create your design in a number of ways and we can help you! If you want to draw your design on the pottery first, we will give you a felt tip pen which will disappear in the firing process. We can help with inspiration and ideas as well as painting tips too.

Bear Building

This activity does not require sewing skills! We will guide you through the steps to make your very own furry friend.

4. Glazed and fired pottery
We will glaze and fire your finished pottery and then tell you when you can come to collect at the end of your session.
5. What does it cost?

The activity box is “ price as seen/ all-inclusive”…the price you see on the pottery/craft item is the price you pay which makes it an easy system for everyone.

If you are accompanying and not crafting yourself, we reserve the right to charge £2 per person (assisting someone with their craft does not exclude you from paying the fee). We are able to send your items to you, via courier, at an additional cost.

We also charge a nominal fee for packaging. This includes bubble wrap/paper and a bag.

6 . How long does it take?

Usually, we say spend as long as you like whilst crafting, but recently we have had to adhere to government guidelines.

We will inform you upon booking or walking in how long the table is available.

7. When do I pay?

Payment is due on the day and we accept payment via cash or card.

8. Is my item dishwasher/microwave safe?

Your pottery is earthenware and has a dinnerware safe glaze. We recommend that you hand wash it and do not put it in the microwave. Additionally, if your item is for external use, ie. plant pots, very cold weather and frost may affect the glaze. We recommend that you bring your item inside.

Please Note: Imperfections in ceramic products can occur. If the imperfection is due to product or kiln firing the customer may remake free of charge and will be notified by management about this. Customers do need to follow guidelines regarding the application of paints.

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